Witchhunters vs. Imperial Guard

Skabradisdead and I played a game of Warhammer 40000 5th edition last night and merriment (as you can imagine) did ensue!

The crowning moment, my Cannoness fighting off about twenty-eight or so Stormtroopers. Pfft, is that the BEST you’ve got?

witchhunters versus imperial guard

The game was a pretty standard “Kill Points” based game. Regrettably, Skabrad decided to employ the services of a direct firing Basilisk, along with a Leman Russ and a Hellhound.

Now, things like Basilisks (along with Land Raiders and Vindicators) scare the crap out of the Sisters of Battle! There’s only so many Faith points you can throw around to bestow Invulnerable Saves.

You know you want to find out who won, don’t you?

Skabrad, in his day, was one of the premier Warhammer 40,000 players around. He was all but unbeatable and many were his vanquished foes! That was until he went toe to toe with the one and only, me; the Golden D6 mascot! I’ll spare you some of the more gory details and simply reveal the result.

The mission was, as I previously mentioned, a Kill Points based mission. You get points for entirely wiping out your opponent’s units. At the wrap up, and once all the smoke had cleared from NUMEROUS artillery shells, the Sisters of Battle had three remaining troops and one SLIGHTLY damaged Exorcist tank. The army had accounted for more than their fair share of Imperial Guardsmen and thus, the battle was a VICTORY unto me!!

Having accounted for such a devastating force, I was feeling pretty confident about the Melbourne in Flames (http://members.optusnet.com.au/melbinflames/index.htm) tournament coming that weekend.

Boy, was I for a surprise!

Melbourne in Flames was a combined Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40,000 tournament run at the Phoenix Park Community Centre. The venue was clean, modern and the basketball court and attached area was easily able to cater for the 130+ players. The tournament itself was efficiently run and brilliantly executed; Ben and his team deserve full credit for a brilliant weekend.

In my 1500 points I took a foot slogger army, taking the view that it was all about troops taking objectives etc. I played six awesome opponents, including, but not limited to Ross Armstrong from Realm of Legends. Definately my favourite game was in the sixth round against Luke Colbert (?) from out Beaconsfield way. As I said to him as we queried over the rules, “If you’re playing me in round six; I’m tipping neither of us are playing for sheep stations!”

My other favourite game was against the eventual winner of the event. Adam’s army was a spectacularly painted Ultramarines army. It was almost a pleasure to take an absolute drubbing at the hands of such a brilliantly executed army.

Post tourney, I think that I need to re-tool my army. Foot sloggers just don’t have enough survivability to make it in 5th ed Warhammer 40,000. Certainly, troops are what it’s all about, but assault is becoming more important. Sisters of Battle don’t do assault very well; favouring shooting at 12″ for the most part. So getting them into a position to fight that fight becomes tantamount to my eventual total domination of the whole world. Ahem, or something like it.

I spoke to a couple of the other guys who were using more mechanised lists ie. Rhino transports etc. and will continue re-tweaking my army lists to look something more like this or this.

Stay tuned, gentle reader for updates.

And to my recently defeated Imperial Guardsmen foe:
Do you hear that? It’s the PAIN TRAIN!! WHOOO WHOOO!!! And it’s coming your way!!!